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An essential oil is a liquid and aromatic extract generally obtained by steam distillation from a plant, and which concentrates its volatile active ingredients. It represents the quintessence of the plant, in concentrate form, rich in a very wide variety of active substances identified very precisely by chromatographic analysis.
GAA GAA, through its agricultural farm located at Lake Rose (30 km from Dakar), offers you a wide range of essential oils :

  • lippia essential oil
  • vetiver essential oil
  • lemongrass essential oil


Vetiver essential oil has immunostimulating properties which help strengthen the body's immune defenses. It can also relieve nervous tension because it brings relaxation and comfort in cases of stress, for example. Its antiseptic properties make it effective against infections in general, acne, skin lesions and small wounds.

The Vetiver plant

Vetiver is a common perennial plant from Sri Lanka whose roots can extend up to 3 meters deep. According to local traditions, the vetiver plant draws vital force from the depths of the earth, which gives it a special place in Indian medicine. Its essential oil has a sweet woody scent and is also widely used in the world of perfumery.

How to make vetiver essential oil?

Vetiver essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of Vetiver roots. This distillation must be carried out by professionals in order to be of good quality.

What are the properties and benefits of vetiver?

Properties: Glandular tonic, endocrine stimulant, arterial and venous circulatory tonic, lymphatic tonic, immune stimulant, emmenagogue.

Indications for therapeutic purpose and benefits :

Poor blood circulation, phlebitis, edema, varicose veins, hemorrhoids

Coronaritis, vasculitis

Immune deficiency

Hepatopancreatic insufficiency, hepatic congestion

Amenorrhea (absence of periods)

Relaxation, psychological rest

The benefits of vetiver oil for insomnia

When applied to the skin, vetiver essential oil helps combat sleep disorders thanks to its deep, sweet and sensual fragrance. To reduce insomnia, massage your solar plexus and the soles of your feet with a few drops of vetiver essential oil mixed with a few drops of rose geranium essential oil and calendula vegetable oil every day before going to bed. to sleep.


Other botanical designations :
Lantana alba

Vernacular designations:
White verbena, anise verbena, American tea,
broken, lamerik (Martinique), twa tass (West
Indian Creole), mastranto (Panama), Santa María, toronjil,
malojillo, extranjero, poleo (Venezuela), Mélisse de calme
(Guyane), piepiepao (Aluku), carmelitana, erva-cidreira
(Brésil), juanilama (Costa Rica)

English designation:
Verbena white, Bushy matgrass, bushy lippia, hierba negra,
pitiona, colic mint, cullen minteng, guinea mint

To remember
Uncommon, this essential oil is interesting for its calming and anti-inflammatory properties, useful in cases of stress or headaches. It also promotes good digestion and activates circulation. It also has an anti-asthmatic action and strengthens the immune system.


What are its benefits, method of use and contraindications?

It is best known for its repellent action against mosquitoes, but its virtues do not stop there. Anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious…

Lemongrass is an herbaceous plant that grows in warm, humid tropical regions. It is widely used in cooking, and particularly in Asian dishes, which it enhances thanks to its exotic and tangy taste. However, lemongrass is best known for its mosquito repellent action. But its health benefits don't stop there!

Lemongrass essential oil: a repellent action

We know: lemongrass essential oil is effective in repelling mosquitoes and enjoying long summer evenings outdoors without stress. To drive away these pests, it is possible to put a few drops of this EO on clothing or apply it to the skin, by mixing “equal parts of lemongrass essential oil with a vegetable oil of hazelnut, calendula or even olive oil,” suggests Margaux Provansal.

It is also possible to benefit from the benefits of lemongrass essential oil in atmospheric diffusion, which at the same time purifies the air and eliminates bad tobacco or cooking odors. 

Lemongrass essential oil: an anti-infective and antifungal

Lemongrass essential oil can also be used to fight skin infections such as herpes, fungus or even infected wounds. “It is possible to mix equal parts of Madagascar lemongrass essential oil with a vegetable oil and apply this combination to the infected area, avoiding the vaginal mucous membranes and the eyes,” indicates Margaux Provansal.