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M. Ibrahim Seydi is the CEO of GAA and SAFIC (www.safic-africa.com) an African finance, investment and consulting company based in Dakar, Senegal and Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

M. Seydi is a financial economist specializing in international finance and has conducted numerous feasibility studies and investment advice in the areas of industrial and agricultural expansion, commercial banking and financial sector development, public and private institutional strengthening, infrastructure, telecommunications and information technology development.

M. Seydi has conducted training programs at the World Bank's Economic Development Institute in Washington, D.C., for senior executives of private companies and financial institutions.

He has work at the World Bank as an Economist and at the African Development Bank as a Senior Financial Analyst, primarily responsible for identifying, appraising and supervising viable private sector projects in 16 African countries. Prior to joining these international institutions, he was a senior executive at Société Générale de Banques au Senegal, a leading commercial bank in Senegal.
In addition to his role at SAFIC, Mr. Seydi is the Managing Director of Générale Alimentaire Africaine, but also he is the President of SOCAAS ( SOCIÉTÉ COOPÉRATIVE DES ACTEURS DE L’AGROPOLE SUD). SOCAAS is a company with over five hundred smoll and medium agribusinesss companes based in Casamance with( south of Senegal), dealing with agroprocessing of local products.https://socaas-sn.com/ ).

He is also Chairman of the Board of Directors of several private companies in the fields of energy, agro-industry, biotechnology and construction in West Africa.

M. Seydi holds a doctorate in Financial Economics from the Atlantic International University, USA, a Masters in Finance and a Masters in Development Banking from the American University of Washington, USA, and a Bachelors Degree in Agricultural Economics from the University of Grenoble, France.

He is bilingual in English and French speaks fluently five african languages and understands Spanish, Portuguese and Chinese. He has traveled extensively in Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Europe and in the American continent.

Our ambitions


TheAgriculture andfood are certainly the most important industrial sectors in the world.

Consumers want assurance of safety and quality every step of the way. Throughout the process of transformation from field to plate, care must be taken, monitoring and guaranteeing the integrity of agricultural and agri-food products.

GENERALE ALIMENTAIRE AFRICAINE (GAA) offers you a wide range of services that reduce risks, guarantee quality and improve productivity throughout the value chain (production, processing, distribution).

We contribute to guaranteeing the integrity of the food chain by providing our assistance for better production, by promoting the development of new seed varieties, by analyzing soils and crops, by accompanying the product throughout the processing chain and of distribution.

Our full range of services can help you to :


  • Manage risk, do better business and meet your contractual and regulatory obligations : using stand-alone or integrated solutions that meet all the problems of your agricultural and agribusiness supply chains.
  • Protect your consumers : from primary production to processing or transfer of ownership
  • Comply with complex legislation: encompassing local, regional, national and international rules and regulations concerning the production and marketing of agricultural and agribusiness products.
  • Ensure proper storage, transport, packaging and distribution : raw materials, ingredients and food products.
  • Guarantee the quality and safety of the various supply chains : for raw and semi-manufactured foodstuffs, as well as finished products in the main food segments.

We offer stand-alone or integrated solutions to support companies working in the sectors of plant health, seeds, biofuels, fertilizers, agricultural machinery, finance and insurance, storage, processing industry and logistics, the marketing of fresh produce and prepared food products.
Our range of solutions focused on the search for better profitability covers the collection of strategic data, the management of guarantees, audits and certification, analysis and associated services, inspection, technical control, advice and Training.
We can support your company to permanently improve your culture of safety, quality and sustainable development.

Contact us to find out how our range of services can enable your business to grow and prosper in an increasingly competitive and globalized market.