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The GENERALE ALIMENTAIRE AFRICAINE (GAA) Is a knowledge based company seeking to foster the sharing of relevant expérience and suitable technologies to promote équitable access to food in Africa 

It operates in Senegal, Ivory Coast, Guinea Bissau, Guinea and Gambia. .

The company has more than thirty years experience in agribusiness. 

In order to promote synergy between young African companies and large companies, GAA contributes to the promotion of incubators in the field of plant and animal biotechnology.

These GAA initiatives provide African companies with access to international scientific expertise as well as state-of-the-art facilities.

GAA has skills in the following areas : Studies of agro-industrial sectors (mature and emerging sectors) Quality and Risk Management; Quality audit according to ISO 9001; Quality of service, HACCP & ISO 22000 Project study, Management and evaluation of poverty reduction projects; Diagnosis and upgrading plan for African PME; Development and implementation of strategic plans.
Organization of training seminars in Business Management, Finance, Marketing,
Quality management….



  • Contribute to food self-sufficiency in Africa.
  • Encourage the production of quality local foodstuffs, in large quantities and accessible to the majority of the population.
  • Promote intensive agriculture and livestock farming in Africa through the introduction of appropriate technologies.
  • Provide assistance to companies wishing to engage in agribusiness and livestock farming.


GAA vision is to be one of the leading African companies in designing and implementing smart solutions to the challenges of food self-sufficiency in Africa.