• GAA A high -added intelligent service company that is evolving in the field of food and biotechnology.

  • With GAA join the agriculture of tomorrow!

Are you looking for smart solutions in the field of food and biotechnology? Do you want to adapt your business to climate change, decarbonize your production, improve productivity, set up waste recycling systems or optimize your water and energy management?

Our intervention sectors


The GAA intervenes on the entire chain of value of agricultural products: production, processing and marketing


We have a biotechnological park with pre-equipped premises to accommodate projects
technology in an agrifood or laboratory environment


In his farm of Lac Rose and that of Dandou, the Gaa pupil of cows (Montbeliard and Holstein) as well as mixed up…

advice & Innovations

GAA provides you with a qualified team to optimize and guide your business towards innovation while ensuring the profitability of your business.

Renewable energy

The GAA has a policy of contributing to the fight against global warming and ensure respect for the environment.

Research & Development

La GAA, through its agricultural farm located at Lake Rose (30 km from Dakar), offers a wide range of essential oils…

Why us?


GAA has successfully developed a solid culture of excellence that permeates the whole company for the benefit of our customers and our partners.


With an unrivaled passion for Africa, GAA is strongly motivated and determined to always use its creativity to find innovative technical solutions to the unique problems and circumstances of each customer.


The GAA has a team of senior executives with proven experience in biotechnology and food.


Cultivated hectares

5 countries

In west Africa

30 years